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Beauty & Cosmetic Products

Hotel Range

Locally produced, CleMaia offers a touch of luxury that will both surprise and delight your guests.


The development of our natural range of hotel toiletries and soaps was inspired by our belief that clients need not choose between healthy skin and a healthy planet

Safe Ingredients

Discerning guests are increasingly looking for indulgent skincare without unnecessary or harmful ingredients

Powered by Essential Oils

Our products are designed to nourish the skin & hair, leaving one feeling refreshed & revitalized without using any artificial fragrances or damaging chemicals

Environmentally Conscious

We are constantly looking for ways to ensure our brand is both ethical & environmentally conscious. Our products are therefore palm oil free, do not contain animal fats & are all either vegetarian or vegan.

Made Only From Natural Materials

Feed your skin with the natural products from CleMaia, using Mother Nature to nurture your skin whilst reducing environmental damage.  Having eliminated aggressive and man-made chemical ingredients, our natural range lends your skin a radiant and healthy glow.

Look Younger 
With Our Skincare Products.

To have a youthful and beautiful skin does not need to have a tremendous price tag.  Our handcrafted, natural skincare range was designed with your skin requirements in mind.

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